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Monetizing Sovereign Airspace

NavPass partners with governments to optimize and monetize their sovereign airspace.

Airspace Use Fees

Transparent and accurate accounting.

The NavPass platform and suite of solutions provides a turnkey foundation built to automate airspace user fee calculation and collection.

Accurate Data Every Time

NavPass tracks every flight, with extreme precision.

Our ground-breaking technology also enables governments to greatly increase efficiency, accuracy and the amount of revenue collected from airspace user fees.

Optimizing Airspace

The road map to stakeholder happiness.

Increased Safety, Optimized Routes, Continuous Descent Approaches, and Continuous Ascent Departures makes all stakeholders happy.  NavPass has partnered with the leaders in Airspace redesign to provide advisory services when requested.

Airspace Data That Works For You

Accurate statistics for meaningful insights.

With the exact path of every flight within a sovereign airspace, NavPass can provide meaningful insights into airspace and airfield use.

Let’s Start Something New

Contact us today and learn how we can increase the efficiency, accuracy and revenue of your soverign airspace. 

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