Modernizing Sovereign Airspace

NavPass partners with governments to optimize and monetize their sovereign airspace.

Self-Funding Airspace Development

The NavPass platform is an accurate and transparent suite, providing a turnkey solution to automate airspace user fee calculation and collection. With over 99% of fees properly identified and collected, Sovereign Nations can invest in their airspace, resulting in greater levels of safety, efficiency, and prosperity.

NavPass tracks every flight with extreme precision

Our ground-breaking technology enables governments to greatly increase efficiency, accuracy and revenue collected from airspace user fees, in compliance with IATA & ICAO Conventions & Principles.

Advancing Airspace for Economic Prosperity

NavPass provides ICAO compliant total airspace solutions. Increased safety, efficiency and capacity of the airspace makes all stakeholders happy. NavPass airspace solutions include; remote towers, drone regulations, safety risk management, ANSP set-up & management, PBN airspace design including; optimized routes, continuous descent approaches, and continuous ascent departures.

Accurate Statistics For Air Traffic Analysis

With the exact path of every flight within a sovereign airspace, NavPass can provide meaningful insights into airspace and airfield use.

Let’s Start Something New

Contact us today and learn how we can increase the efficiency, accuracy and revenue of your soverign airspace. 

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